I have always been a creative person, since I was a young fellow I liked to draw, at the beginning I wasn't good enough so I started coping nature and other cartoons. Later on I discovered graffiti and that lead me to improve my skills. A little later in life I discover music, oh my! what a beautiful thing, and once again after a few years I wanted to create my onw music, that is why I picked up the guitar. Once again a few yeas later some sad events in my life made me want to write and let go sadness in blank pages so I started to write. As I grew up I was always discovering more ways to create and use my creativity for that purpose. Nowadays I have a lot of hobbies and things I want to do but, guess what? I have completed very few things due to a really bad thing: PROCRASTINATION.

I have struggle with procrastination since several years ago. One example of this is how many years it took me to start this, my personal blog. You can read the little story about that here. I started so many draws that never got finished, I started to write so many new songs, lyrics, took a lot pictures that never got edited, I started to create so many pieces of software that never got published... I can go on and on but, what I want to convey is that, at least for me and probably for a lot of people, is super easy to leave things unfinished. Sometimes is just laziness, but sometimes is not even that, sometimes you just get involve in doing so many things that is hard to focus in one and as a result you just don't have the time to finish any and that leads to be discouraged and ultimately to procrastination.

I want to try two things next to help me accomplish my goals when it comes to my hobbies and personal project since those are the ones suffering from procrastination.

  1. Focus in one thing at a time.
  2. Surround myself with people that like the same things that I like.

I think I need to be able to just choose one project at a time and don't start a new one until the current one is finished. It doesn't matter if it is taking quite long. Hopefully that will help me allocate enough time to complete any project. I also noticed that when I surround myself with people like-minded and with the same hobbies that I like, we can push each other to do things and even better, use each others experience to do better things.

One more thing that I'm just thinking about and I also think is one factor to lead to procrastination, at least for me, is that you need to accept your limitations at the moment you are doing something. You can get better at things but you need to accept that or you do this things with your current skills or you just going to need more time to complete them and the longer it takes the more incline to procrastinate you will feel. Perfectionism can be good to make you do the best you can do but it can be a big burden too, Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

If you like music collaborations, photography, writing poetry or any of my hobbies, feel free to get in touch and if you like we could help each other to get things done!