The idea

Since a very long time ago, more like since 2013, I wanted to start my own blog where I could share some content. My first idea was just to share mainly software development knowledge since I got inspired by Adrian Ancona, one of my friends and a very talented software engineer, also because I wanted to have a place where I could find code snippets and useful instructions on things that I do sporadically and that I find myself googling again over and over.


Over time I came back to the same idea, eventually I created a Wordpress site on my shared server but, I just didn't use it, it was too complex for just writing a blog. I just didn't want to set up a database and create a wordpress template to look like I wanted - too much to do for a simple thing.

Then in November of 2017 I tried to re-invent the wheel implementing my own simple markdown-file based blog but, I just didn't have enough time to develop a proper pice of software that worked well and had all the features I would love in a very simple markdown-file based. So I just gave up the idea of writing my own blog again.

Finally, the beginning

I finally decided that I really, really wanted to start sharing a variety of things - knowledge, ideas, music, books, personal stories, thoughts and more. In my previous attempts to start a blog I looked at some tools that would help me in my endeavour. I found a couple of them: Ghost, Statamic, Cecil, Jigsaw and Hugo.

Ghost and Statamic where too much for what I wanted - simplicity, and I had tried Cecil back when it was PHPoole but didn't fall in love with it and Hugo is built with Go and TBH I don't have that much experience with Go so, I put my last hope on Jigsaw and as it turned out I liked it, it had several features that I wanted and since I'm really familiar with the PHP/Laravel stack I went with it.

So here it is, my own blog! Let hope I can "dump" what's on my mind in this virtual pages.