One of my many hobbies is writing prose, but nowadays I don't do it often and rather quite little to be honest. One of my goals this year is to gain back the love to write again. I know having this blog has helped me a little when it comes to writing and I, some times, publish some prose in here but, I think it's time to have a dedicated space for this. I learned how to host my static sites in github pages so now I have two static sites running for this purpose, El Librero Negro (for content in spanish) and The Black Bookshelf (for content in english).

As of right now they are just kind of a "Coming Soon" pages but, I plan to convert them into full sites to publish texts.

I also plan to invite some of my friends, that also like to write, to join me in this adventure. I think this will also help me keep motivated as I wrote in one of my posts about procrastination.

I'll try to write some post about how this project is going along! 😈