As a software developer I'm alway looking for new things to learn and to experiment with. Browsing the internet I often find myself just getting to random sites. Some times I just look up something specifically that I might have heard from a co-worker and see another subject that is related to what I'm looking for, well that is what happened with this podcast, I was looking how to use Laravel collections to convert some 2D array into something like a hashmap then I saw this article from Adam Wathan, then since I have heard of him before in the Laravel community, so I decided to look at his site and I saw he have a podcast

In 2014, I started Full Stack Radio β€” a podcast where I talk to people in the software industry about everything from user experience and product design to unit testing and system administration. - Adam Wathan

Then I got interested in hearing to it. So now it become in one of the podcast that I listen to.

Here is the first episode: